Ministry of Intuitive Research in Imagined & Actual Discoveries

Ministry of Intuitive Research in Imagined & Actual Discoveries

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The Ministry seeks to contribute to known truths through imaginative exploration. MIRIAD’s method of investigation is to formulate hypotheses free from preconceptions, initiating research by imagining truths, then seeking to substantiate these imaginings through the discovery of actual artifacts and specimens.

During the summer and autumn of 2012, MIRIAD expeditionary team carried out a comprehensive survey of the unique Flora & Fauna of an Island off the Newfoundland coast. Three expeditions were embarked upon with expertise ranging from archaeology, cartography,natural history to plant whispering.
‘The Island’, sometimes named in local folklore as the “Isle of Demons” appears on maps from the first explorers of this region. Since Darwin first recognized the unique biodiversity of ‘The Island’ exploration has been restricted, and it remains off of ordinance and official maps.

Hidden in Sea mist, with its boat gouging reefs and sheer cliffs, few humans have stumbled upon ‘The Islands’ shores. Habitation has remained minimal. There is evidence of ancient settlers with ties to Egypt, some 2000 yrs ago. We believe there is a small, entirely isolated community, living on ‘The Island’ today descended from cast offs and run aways of the early
European explorers.

During the last ice age a Glacial Ice sheet scoured Newfoundland of its life. ‘The Island’ located just south east of this sheet retained its native species. On the isolated oceanic island, many life forms were offered opportunities to establish new ways of life. In these conditions the forces of evolutionary change are seen most clearly. This amiable Garden of Eden, free from competitive influxes and free, too, from the worst effects of predation, have seen the evolution of creatures of remarkable design. Hence the ecological balance of this island is extremely fragile- susceptible to destruction from introduced (deliberately or inadvertently) competitive species. For this reason ‘The Island’ remains off grid.

While the research is still in the early stages we are starting to form a larger picture of the balance of life between the common, well known Newfoundland species and the many new and rare creatures in this fragile and unique land. Some species failed to secure a foothold such as the possibly now extinct flying fox, but others, more successful, are able to shed attributes that were once necessary for survival; and some, to develop characteristics that were always present, but kept in check in their original environment.

From March 15- April 28 2013, MIRIAD exhibition at the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery displayed the findings of the preliminary survey. It is MIRIADS intention that this exhibition will help us to secure funding for further expeditions with a boat laboratory forimmediate evidence analysis. Miriad also hopes this exhibition will quell the public’s curiosity and in so doing curtail anyone hoping to explore this island independently- it is dangerous both to yourself and the Islands ecology.

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