The Expanded Place

In 2001 inherited a trunk from my Great Aunt ‘Tante Thea’. Born in Holland, surviving her teenage years during WW2, Thea studied Science in England. Her speciality was the burgeoning field of Quantum Mechanics. Restricted by sexism and finances Thea abandoned her academic study and became a wife and mother. Her lab partner Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh remained in close contact with Thea, writing to her regularly. These letters were part of my inheritance. I found them folded in a little tin box in the bottom of the trunk along with his field notebook from an expedition to an area he referred to only as ‘The Expanded Place’. Photography did not work in this area so Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh created detailed drawn observations.  Below are scans from this notebook. I shall add to the available pages regularly over the next year. The Letters will be published pending permission from the relatives.

Fascinated by Greenhalgh’s unpublished discoveries I decided to further research ‘The Expanded Place’ through MIRIAD. I led Expeditions to MIRIAD Island in 2012/13  , the results of which are published on this site.


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You can view a film of the work in progress here

and here is one of the final epic drawing ‘the Expanded Place’

Jones has created a monumental painting, its dimensions so large it breaks away from a frame, this is no window into a place or a detail hinting at a vaster, unseen landscape. This is an immersive work, a whole encompassing world. You stand at its edge, ready to venture in. Working from informed intuition and fractal resonating patterns Jones has built a new world that defies the restrictions of the 2D surface. Moving beyond 3 dimensions, with no fixed perspective you are pulled through space and time by a work that compels the viewer to be absorbed in it’s overwhelming complexity and intrigued by the mysteries within.



‘For three consecutive nights we have observed these lights. Much like the aurora Borealis found in the Northern Hemisphere. They emanate from the ground. Could it be a quirk of geology? Crystalline structures found in the cave- could they harness and project light?’


‘This Morning I made a fascinating discovery. While stoking the embers to relight our camp-fire I noticed that the chard wood had formed perfectly spherical balls of carbon. Furthermore there seemed to be swirls within the balls- as though the smoke was captured within the coal. Is this a side effect of anything being burnt in this place? Or is it that the wood was unique that we burnt? Could it be that the tree grew with the anomalies?’


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